My trip to India: Jammu and Kashmir Pt.1 Videos

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These are some videos for our trip to Jammu-Katra which shows Katra the village,  some sceneries on the way up to the temple and it shows how TIRED i were hehe.

Jammu & Kashmir – Katra 1

Jammu & Kashmir – Katra 2

Jammu & Kashmir – Katra 3

Jammu & Kashmir – Katra 4

Jammu & Kashmir – Katra 5

I were attacked by a monkey. The monkey was sitting on the handrail where i was passing. They looked pieceful. I was telling my friend that i want to take a very close picture of that big monkey. He said ” this one looks old and pieceful”. The monkey was only a meter away from me when i was trying to take his picture. As I was raising my hand with the camera to take a picture of his ugly face he just pulled a face with ugly big teeth and jumped on me. I have no idea how i ducked down and ran. It was so close. I was really mad at my friend hehe Thank God nothing happened. I took no picture of an ugly monkey and completed our way out.

Jammu & Kashmir – Katra 6

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