My 2011 Top 5 Destinations, #1

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2011 was an amazing year for me, Thank God. One of the best thing I did is starting, to show traveling from another prospective, keep a track of my traveling and share the knowledge.

In 2011, I’ve been to Mendoza & Salta in Argentina, Milano, florence & Siena in Italy, Lausanne, Vevey & Verbier in Switzerland, Barcelona, Valencia, Peniscola, Morella, Buñol, Alicante & Ibiza in Spain, Paris & Doha-Qatar.

Every place has its own character but the #1 which I did not mention previously is kind of different. It is a big city and a capital yet you can not feel the fast life buzz. It gives you a very relaxing impression. People are nice & relaxed and the city is sunny most of the year. It’s rich in culture and chocolate as half of the population is from italian origins. It is the white and the light blue with the sun. It’s Maradona’s country. It’s Buenos Aires Argentina.

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