Shaymaa Aldakheel

Well, being in 4 trips with the same guide, Mejroxy, need no more explanation about how amazing being in a trip guided and organized by him!

He has a taste in choosing the right hotels, the right restaurants, the right activities, and the best possible itineraries that cover the most of what any country can offer!  

If you've ever been to his trips, you can obviously tell that the quality is his key in the selections he makes!

He has attentive attention to the details. Mejroxy pays attention to the people's desires, patient with the demanding participants, and does his best to treat each and everyone in his groups equally with his friendly spirit. 

I feel safe whenever I travel with him because I saw how he handled some critical situations in a manly behavior, and he made the ideal decisions, with great ability to convince others with the decisions he makes!  

Watching the coverage of his trips that I did not have the chance to join on social media always make me jealous for not being there. 

I am longing and seriously planing to join his future trips whenever he announces a trip to a new destination!