A teenager, a child in his 4th decade on this earth. An ex-oil and gas engineer who left to become a full time traveler. As I always say " Who told you life is easy?" Annual leaves were never enough because the world is too big and my world is even bigger.

"Mejroxy, What is your country count?" well I have spent a year of my travel times roaming 17 states out of 27 in Brazil. When Some been to only Rio de Janeiro and count Brazil as 1 country more. I do not think country count is a fair measure of how much someone has traveled. yet I did 80 something country. Brazil, Greece and Italy are my favourite.

"Mejroxy, What do you do?" I used to travel the world alone. Now I travel the world with strangers. Many of my followers loved my travels and asked to travel with me. that when I made my first group trip to Brazi, feb 2018. since then I did 20 trips in 2 years. No life is not easy but the reward is as big as the sacrifice or even bigger. Now am one of those lucky ones living a life that I dreamt of one day.

My journey had started in 2005. My blog had started 25th feb 2011.